Orange Veins

For the Dutch company Orange Veins, we developed a new website with a fully customized CMS. Orange Veins is a leading football tours & tournaments organization that creates tailor-made football experiences all over the world. They were looking for a custom CMS that would result in an easy editing experience, so they could focus on putting out content and conducting business rather than worrying about the website.

📂 The Case

Orange Veins came to us with a wire frame and a full sheet of requirements of all the content streams that had to be put out on their new website. Their old website used Drupal, which got slow and wasn't really easy to work with. They needed a customized experience tailored to their content needs. The perfect fit for this: Wagtail!

Orange Veins Screenshot

⚙️ Our approach

We used the combination of Django + PostgreSQL for this project as the back-end. On top of that the powerful open-souce CMS (framework) Wagtail. It allows you to create a fully customized CMS experience based on the content requirements that an organisation demands. It's a joy to work with due to the flexiblity and awesome features it ships with.

As seen on the included screenshots above, the admin panel of Wagtail is fully customized to be as simple as possible. Featuring just a set of forms that directly correlate with the content on the page. Since these are dynamic pages, where just some variables are changing, putting out new content becomes very easy through the customized Wagtail dashboard.

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